Monday, November 17, 2008

It really has been of the worst days ever. Not in a dramatic like I totalled the car sense, but in a "I'm so stressed that my head is going to explode" way. Nevertheless, I look on the bright side, at least when I can. And perhaps I should, as one piece of news I received is that I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. Now, I saw my mother experience the excrutiating pain of SURVIVING malignant melanoma. I have worn sunscreen religiously ever since. And where did it get me? Vitamin D deficiency! Which, apparently, is not such a small deal. OK, enough. Here's something to look at:
This sock is made from Blue Moon's socks that rock mediumweight in a colorway called Titania. I think it is no longer available. It's been fun knitting this Cat Bordhi "sockitecture" so far, but I'm not yet in love with the sock. We'll see when I have a pair.

This yarn is from the first roving I tried dyeing. I rather like it! The yellow yarn is merino and was a challenge to spin, as it was the first merino I ever tried to spin! I found that spinning "from the fold" really made a difference, and I "learned" it from Abby Franquemont on youtube. She is a fabulous teacher, and I hope to get some actual instruction from her some day, to augment the "virtual" instruction online.

I also finished something, but since it is a gift, I can't post a photo right now. Stay tuned.

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DJ said...

I have been taking a Vit D supplement for about a month and am amazed at how much more energy I have. I hope you feel better soon!