Monday, January 12, 2009

The Jackpot!

I have the absolute best Secret Pal in the world. She has spoiled me silly. Here is just a partial catalog of the wonders that arrived late last week:

I hardly know where to begin. Let's start with the sock blockers. I have never blocked socks, but I sure will start now! If nothing else, socks look really awesome on the blockers. They are small, just like my feet, and I'm quite tickled at having them. I never would have thought to get these, but I KNOW I will wonder how I ever lived without them.

Next, my amazing psychic pal sent some beautiful periwinkle lace yarn. How did you know that I just signed up for my first Mystery Shawl knit along? It called for purple or green or gold lace yarn, and I did not have any of those colors. This yarn is perfect for the project, which I can't describe, since I only have the first clue. I do know that it will be a triangle, and there are beads. I got some lovely AB purple beads which look great with the yarn. Stay tuned for phohtos when I actually begin the knitting.

Next, (I'm already overwhelmed) we have a very funky zipped case, in which the above-mentioned beads and tiny crochet hook are residing. This is an artisan piece, not any off-the-rack fabric case. And inside were beautiful beaded stitch markers and some heavenly smelling beeswax/lavender emollient hand salve(?) in a pretty bee-decorated tin. You are a very attentive pal and you really got my number(s). Wow....

OK, continuing with the overwhelming gifties:Two beautiful sock yarns. I love them both and cannot pick a favorite. I'm glad I don't have to! One is lovely pinks and browns; I have to check out the repeat pattern before deciding what kind of socks I'll make from it. The other is a funky, multicolored hand dyed masterpiece. I love each and every color, and I think this yarn will hold some real surprised when it's knit up.

And on and on....Yummy body butters from Mark, each smelling better than the last. Two vanilla citrus soaps. I can't decide whether to wash with them or use them as sachets in my drawers. A bottle of Eucalan! I love Eucalan. I use it on my handspun and any other wool I wash. So it's my socks' best friend.

Speaking of sachets. This lovely lavendar filled, embroidered little pillow smells great, looks great, and is going to reside with my sock yarn. It keeps the moths away, or so I've heard.

Thanks a gazillion, SP; you rock! Next post I will show you what ELSE came in the box. Yes, unbelievable but true. You have also inspired me to be an even better spoiler to my own Pal.

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DJ said...

So glad you're happy with your package! The pink and brown yarn and the little bag came from Etsy... almost everything else came from my LYS.
Happy Knitting!
Your Swap Pal