Monday, May 5, 2008

My how the time does fly

This is going to be a wimpy post because I have no photos or anything, but I gotta, I just gotta get back to this blog! As a very proud new member of ravelry (Abbyknitz is my handle), I do feel the need to publish or perish :)

That said, what's on the needles right now (photos to come, promise): Tilted Duster in Cascade 220 heathers in a teal color; some gorgeous wool I can't remember the name of for Retro Rib socks, to be completed soon, really!!!!

I have finished the last socks I photo'ed and when I find them I will post a photo. They are very pretty but the yarn fights the lace a bit and they both suffer for it.

Anxiously (in every sense of the word) waiting for my "dossier" and the first salvo in Sock Wars III. This is one of the craziest things I've ever heard of and seems like one of the most fun.

Languishing on needles: hanna falkenburg Da Capo sweater. This thing just grows and grows, even when I'm not knitting it. I think it is breeding, actually. I'll do a photo, blah, blah, blah.

Started those cute hedgehogs from Fibertrends (I think) and got about ten rows done before I lost interest.

That's it for now, except to say that I really am BACK!!!! Who knows, maybe I'll even start working on Level II of the Master Knitter's program from TKGA. Well, maybe......

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