Saturday, August 23, 2008

SP Question and My New Do

This week's question is "What is the best thing you ever got in the mail?" I've had several answers come to mind,but the one that sticks out most was my college acceptance letter. That was a pretty big deal, and going to Bennington College certainly had a huge influence on my life. So yeah, that's my answer.

My big news this week is that I am DONE with blonde! Wasn't born to it, sort of liked it, but it didn't express me. So, without further "ado", here's my new "do"!
This wondrous, permanent color is courtesy of the brilliant Aura Mae, of Azarra Salon. You can read Aura's blog here, and find out about Azarra here.

What else is new? I'm still spinning! I am trying to learn what to do with this cute little Ladybug. Here are my second and third yarns. The second is the same Corriedale mix as the first yarn, posted earlier, I just dyed the yarn. The third yarn is from a dyed roving that I got at Reflection Farm in Eatonville . I have some more yarn, but I will post it another time. The interface with blogger is really frustrating me right now, so I am going to go learn some things about it and be back to post later.

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Get Some Hairapy! said...

Now your hair is more reflective of your colorful personality! (Glad you like it and I hope you get tons of positive feedback!)

And the yarn is PRETTY!